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I use Just a Walk In the Park to walk my dog(s) while I am at work. Drew and his team are caring, professional and reliable, and I love getting the pictures and updates about their visit with my dogs. I never worry about my dog(s) when I am at work when they are scheduled. Most recently, Drew trained our 10 month old golden doodle puppy to the e-collar. It has been a game changer! We are now able to take our puppy to the beach and park and let him play with confidence that he will come back to us. Drew has helped us teach leash manners as well as how to correct bad behavior using the e-collar. Drew is fantastic! I just wish that we had done this sooner!
Drew’s training guidance and recommendations were immensely helpful. In just one hour, Drew armed me with knowledge on essential commands and tips for walking my 12-week-old Labrador puppy. I’m an avid researcher and have read countless articles on puppy training and Just A Walk In The Park’s 1:1 training session taught me more than I’ve learned from research in months.
It’s not just about training the animal, but about training the owner. Drew is down-to-earth, practical, patient, and extremely knowledgeable. He improved my relationship with Bernadette tremendously, making life for both of us so much easier. Kudos to Drew!
Congratulations on your new business. A fantastic student and now a great trainer with extraordinary understanding of canine behavior, I'm certain that you will be a success!
Carol Adams
American Behavior College Mentor & Dog Trainer
Drew's training techniques are a game changer! Our beach walks are forever changed with our miniature goldendoodle. Our dog responded immediately and understood what he was being taught. Wish we had used Drew's service years ago. Highly recommend A Walk in the Park!
Very patient with my sometimes stubborn and shy toy poodle. I got some really good training advice and my dog finally seems more willing to learn. Would highly recommend Drew to anyone who needs a dog trainer.

Most amazing teacher ever! I have an 8 month old poodle and Andrew had him “come” on command (using the e-collar) in less than 20 minutes. I took my dog home and demonstrated his new training to my husband and he was genuinely impressed!

Drew was incredibly effective in helping my dog not pull me around on walks. I have a mastiff-mix and he started to be a problem chasing animals (raccoons and cats) while on walks. Within our one hour I had the tools to keep him under control. Highly recommend.
Our 7 yr old Polish Lowland Sheepdog has always been anxious and frequently very leash reactive, especially toward other dogs on leash. Yogi's primary walker (that would be me) read all the books, spent a small fortune on trainers, bought all the different leash and collar devices and made a little bit of progress. In just four 1 hour sessions with Drew, Yogi and I made a ton of progress....nonchalantly walking pathways and beaches with people, bikes, cars, dogs and, unfortunately squirrels (still working on that). Drew understands he's training a duo, not just a dog and he is equally patient with both members of the team. Easy to implement, practical techniques that produce very positive results.
This is the best trainer you could get! My puppy, Sammy, had severe leash aggression. I couldn’t walk him near a dog without him barking and lunging aggressively until it passed. I had tried everything possible to fix the issue but nothing worked. Drew was able to fix this in only one session! He also showed me what to do so that I could continue to work with him at home. I haven’t had any problems since. Drew was so kind to Sammy and explained all of his training methods to me in detail. I highly recommend him to anyone looking for a dog trainer in the area.
From the very beginning Drew responded quickly to our call and we had our session within days. He was so knowledgeable and helpful with which collar we needed and setting it up. Drew listened to our concerns and worked with us on having our puppy off leash and spent time with us on the beach. I would highly recommend Drew and Just a Walk in the Park to anyone. Thank you!!
We had a one hour session with Drew yesterday to help our 14 week old Vizsla walk on a leash without nipping at us, tugging or chewing the leash. We woke up this morning, took her for a long, enjoyable walk. My husband’s reaction, “That was the best money we have ever spent.” Drew’s hands-on lesson and easy to use tips gave us the immediate skills we needed to have a happier puppy (and husband)!! Highly recommend!!
Just a walk in the park gave us great insight to the needs of our dog. She was very challenging (after previous training) to walk on a leash. We had resigned ourselves to think we just had a strong willed dog and there was nothing we could do. After one session with Drew, we now have a completely different dog. We now enjoy our walks with her, and she enjoys it too! We highly recommend them.

Drew and his team are so responsive and caring for my fur babies. He has done weekly dog walking and extended pet care for vacation coverage for me for over 3 years, and my dogs adore him! He keeps me informed of all the essentials and even sends me awesome photos of them while I’m at work or gone on long vacations. He throws the tennis ball to exercise my dog and is always thoughtful about bringing in the mail or a package on the doorstep. I would highly recommend Drew and his team. Always professional and truly cares for my dogs. We love Just a Walk in the Park!

Drew is a great dog trainer. Produced results just with 2 sessions!!
Drew did an excellent job training my puppy Gracie and helping me learn how to navigate off leash. I would highly recommend Just a Walk in the Park.
Very caring with your pet skilled at his trade. most important he listens to what you want and doesn't Try to extend his lessons worth every penny. highly recommend
Starfire learned really quickly with Drew! Now she doesn’t run away and comes when she called!
I can leave with an open mind that my pups are in great hands. Drew and his team are phenomenal!!
The best! Totally trustworthy and no worries while you enjoy your vacation.
Great service. I highly recommend them!
Service was amazing! Thank you... would highly recommend!
Excellent and caring service at an affordable price. Drew and staff are timely and attentive, definitely recommend to friends!
Drew and David gave Sophie all the attention, care and love that we do while they doggie sat for her last week. I would highly recommend them to care for your animal family.
Best dog sitter/walker service on Hilton Head. Love Drew and the services he provides!
Drew has been training and puppy sitting Iko since he was only a year old. Three years later he still our go to guy when we are away. We trust Drew with our Iko and our House.

Hear directly from Neil, Adrienne, and their dog Indigo about their experience with Drew and Just a Walk in the Park!

Drew provides a wonderful service at an affordable rate. Now we can go out of town without having to make an extra trip to a kennel where the dogs are caged and uncomfortable. The dogs are happy, the plants get water, and the mail brought inside all for a great price and people you can trust in your home. Highly recommend Drew and "Just a Walk in the Park" to all my friends.
As the owners of an older yellow lab who needed to be walked more frequently, we needed a solution when we were out of the house for more than a few hours. Drew was perfect for our needs. He was kind and caring to Jake who loved him. He was completely dependable. His services were indispensable. I would recommend to any dog owner who needs help with their pet.
We want to express our delight regarding Drew’s work/visits with Bentley a short time ago. Drew was prompt in arriving to tutor our Bentley and really made a hit with him. He is very knowledgeable, patient and he worked with him in such a way that Bentley remembers what he learned to this day. We didn’t know what to expect but were very pleased with Drew’s way of winning over his student and Bentley is so much more manageable as he grows from puppy to an adult pet (almost eight months old now!). We can highly recommend Drew and we plan to utilize his talents going forward.
Joe & Stella
We love having Drew as our pet sitter for our three year old golden retriever, Molly. We have tried several kennels but each time Molly has come home with “issues”. This is not the case when Drew is caring for her in her own home. Drew takes care of another dog in the neighborhood and I always know Molly sees him because her tail never stops wagging until she gets her hug from Drew. Even if Drew is riding by in the car while Molly and I are walking, he always stops to give Molly a loving. She adores him. My husband and I always have peace of mind when we are away knowing that Drew is taking good care of our beloved pet as well as taking in the mail and newspaper and watching over our home. We know Molly is in good hands when Drew watches her!
John & Lois McCue
We have had the pleasure of doing business with Drew and Just a Walk in the Park for over a year. He began by dog-sitting for my elderly mother’s dog Annie while she was on vacation. As time progressed and she wasn’t able to walk Annie as often and as far as she needed, Drew began to walk her every day. He became a constant in her life and both my mom and Annie looked forward to his daily visits. Annie has since come to live with us and our dog Buster and Drew is now walking them both twice a week. He is prompt and pleasant and always leaves a note to report on their walk. Drew has really become a trusted friend to both the humans and the dogs in our house. I would highly recommend Just a Walk in the Park for any dog care needs you may have.
April & Jeff Hinton
Just a Walk in the Park is not your average pet service. Drew goes above and beyond caring for my four year old Yorkie, Rutledge. Drew is very reliable and caring and I never have to worry about Rutledge because I know is very well taken care of. I highly recommend Drew and Just a Walk in the Park.
Drew Kaufman has worked for me since January, 2014, walking and playing with my dog, Bella. He was referred to me by a close friend who has used him repeatedly when they were out of town. He came to meet Bella before he started helping with her. The most important thing is that Bella loves Drew. He is always dependable and can be called upon at the last minute. I just have to text him and he responds promptly. He is very responsible and leaves a daily report of his time here, what he did exactly, and her activities (whether she peed or pooped). His father takes care of his business when he is out of town. My dog is very active and loves to play on the beach, whenever it is allowed. When I first went back to work and used Drew, he would take her to the beach and throw the ball to her. She is a golden retriever so that is her favorite activity. I was always relieved to come home and she was tired and could wait a few minutes before I had to walk her. I always know that I can depend on Drew and that makes me feel comfortable while I’m at work. I love his response when I tell him the days I need him. He always responds “no problem”. Drew is a positive, kind young man, and I am glad I have this opportunity to highly recommend him. If you would like to talk to me, or have questions, please feel free to contact me.
Michele Wilson
When I found myself suddenly a widow, I knew it was imperative to find someone to walk my three big dogs daily. Having a full time job, I was in need for someone to come for early morning walks and be available at a phone calls notice, if I was delayed or running late from work, or an occasional evening meeting. Alas, Drew was recommended by a friend and has now taken on the full time role for two years. His conscientious attitude and calm demeanor allow me to rest assured the three dogs and two cats at home are well taken care of. An occasional trip allows me the freedom of having a good time, knowing he is staying in my home and keeping the schedule as close to routine as possible. Most importantly, the dogs are always so happy to see him, and that is the best testimonial of all! Thank you Drew for your loyalty, respect, and strong regard for taking responsibility of my furry family!
If you want a reliable and caring professional, Drew Kaufman is definitely the one to call. We are so relieved to have someone who we can completely trust and rely on to take care of our three-year-old rescued cat. I no longer worry when we are away on trips, as he texts us to tell us all is well. Drew responds promptly and always keeps his records straight but, most importantly, he has totally won over our male cat “Burgee” who is a very tough judge. Burgee says “Call Drew! He’s the best!” Drew is a positive, kind young man, and I am glad I have this opportunity to highly recommend him. If you would like to talk to me, or have questions, please feel free to contact me.
Jill & Vince DiMauro
Drew has been a great resource for my husband and I enabling us to travel away from home without worries. After a bad experience boarding our coon hound ( a sensitive sort ) we looked for someone who could look after our 2 dogs and a "herd" of outside cats. Keeping the whole group fed and watered and loved is quite a job but Drew handles it easily. He comes to the house several times daily to take care of our four legged friends and also waters flowers and brings packages and mail inside. We feel lucky to have found him and about 8 times a year we call on him to help us out. I recommend him with pleasure! Thank you Drew for your loyalty, respect, and strong regard for taking responsibility of my furry family!
Patti Trobaugh​
Drew is a great dog sitter and trainer! We first met Drew about 2 years ago. He did some training with our Bull Mastiff. After that, we have used him as a dog sitter quite frequently. I would highly recommend Drew for either training or dog sitting. We now have a Yorkie along with our Bull Mastiff. Both dogs love Drew as much as we do. He will come by during the days when we need him or will stay overnight if we request. It is so nice being able to be gone for a few days and know that your pets are being well taken care of. Drew is awesome! Drew is a positive, kind young man, and I am glad I have this opportunity to highly recommend him. If you would like to talk to me, or have questions, please feel free to contact me.
Had the good fortune of being introduced to Drew Kaufman by Evergreen Pet Lodge when I inquired about dog walkers in the area. Drew came over to my villa and met Luckee, my beagle/boxer mixed two-year old dog. After watching him interact with my dog, I immediately hired him to train my dog. What an amazing difference a few sessions with Drew made! I went from having an insanely behaving animal to having a docile dog on a loose leash. Drew had great insight into the way a dog “thinks” and helped me know how to get the behavior from her I wanted. When I found out his business was licensed, bonded and insured and that he had wonderful references, I also hired Drew to stay with Luckee whenever I went out of town. I am more than happy to recommend Drew for all of your pet’s needs. Thank you Drew for your loyalty, respect, and strong regard for taking responsibility of my furry family!
Ann Berger

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